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Faculty List > Derek Cummings

picture of Derek Cummings Derek Cummings

Associate Professor

Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Engineering, 2004; MHS, Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2004; MS, Johns Hopkins University School of Engineering, 2001; ScB, Brown University, 1996

Bloomberg School of Public Health

Department / Division
Infectious Diseases

Departmental Address
615 N. Wolfe Street, Rm E6541
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 410-502-9319
Fax: 202-318-2492

For more information visit my personal web page.

Research and Professional Experience
  • The goal of my research is to understand the temporal and spatial dynamics of the spread of infectious diseases in order to inform interventions to control their spread. My research includes analyses of spatial-temporal patterns of infectious disease spread and theoretical approaches to simulate the spread of pathogens in populations. I am specifically interested in the dynamics of dengue hemorrhagic fever, influenza, measles and chikungunya.

  • infectious disease dynamics, international health, emerging infectious diseases, dengue, influenza, measles, chikungunya

Honors and Awards
  • Burroughs Wellcome Career Award at the Scientific Interface
    Advising, Mentoring, and Teaching Recognition Award (AMTRA)

Research Projects
Immune landscapes of human influenza in southern China
The goal of this work is to characterize immunological profiles to human influenza in space and time among individuals living in Guangdong province, China, and to build computational models that capture the transmission dynamics that could create the specific distributions observed.

Natural and vaccine-induced immunity and spatiotemporal dynamics of epidemic dengue
Study the impact of multiple types of immunity (long-term serotype specific immunity, short-term cross-serotype immunity, immune enhancement of secondary infection and dengue-specific, long-term cross-serotype immunity. Funded by a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award at the Scientific Interface

Using Viral Sequences to Characterize the Micro-Scale Dispersal Dynamics of Dengue in Bangkok
Phylogenetic analyses have increasingly been applied to pathogen populations. By combining the knowledge of when and where individuals get sick with the particular genotype of the infecting pathogen we can track pathogen movements through an area, both in space and in time. This information can...

Vaccine Modeling Initiative
Evaluation of candidate vaccine technologies using computational models.

Selected Publications
  • Salje H, Lessler J, Endy TP, Curriero F, Gibbons RV, Nisalak A, Nimmannitya S, Kalayanarooj S, Jarman RG, Thomas S, Burke DS, Cummings DAT. Revealing the micro-scale spatial signature of dengue transmission and immunity in an urban population. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Jun 12;109(24):9535-8.

  • Read JM, Edmunds WJ, Riley S, Lessler JT, Cummings DAT. Close encounters of the infectious kind: a review of methods to measure social mixing behavior. Epidemiology and Infection. 2012 Jun 12:1-14.

  • Word DP, Cummings DAT, Burke DS, Iamsirithaworn S, Laird CD.  A nonlinear programming approach for estimation of transmission parameters in childhood infectious disease using a continuous time model.  Journal of the Royal Society Interface.  2012 Feb 15. [Epub ahead of p...

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