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Faculty List > Martha N. Hill

picture of Martha N. Hill Martha N. Hill

Professor of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health

Academic Degrees

PhD, The Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1986; MSN, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing, Philadelphia, 1977; BSN, The Johns Hopkins University, 1966; Diploma, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, School of Nursing, 1964

School of Nursing

Department / Division
Office of the Dean
JHU SON Office of Global Health, CHD, and CCIR

Joint Departmental Affiliations
School of Medicine and Bloomberg School of Public Health

Departmental Address
525 N. Wolfe Street, Suite 501
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 410-955-7544
Fax: 410-955-4890

For more information visit my personal web page.

Research and Professional Experience
  • Internationally known for her work and research in preventing and treating hypertension and its complications, particularly among young, urban African-American men, Dr. Hill is currently an active investigator and consultant on several NIH-funded clinical trials. Her sponsored projects include “Comprehensive HBP Care for Young Urban Black Men”, “Barriers to HBP Care and Control in Black South Africans”, and “Research Training in Health Disparities in Underserved Populations”. Dr. Hill has also consulted on hypertension and other cardiovascular-related issues outside of the United States in countries including Australia, Israel, Scotland, South Africa and China.

    • Health Disparities
    • Hypertension
    • Cardiovascular Disease
    • Global Nursing
Honors and Awards
  • 2005 Honorary Degree, Doctorate of Science, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • 2005 Honorary Degree, Doctorate of Science, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

  • 2004 Degree of Doctor Honoris Causa, Göteborg University, Sahlgrenska Academy

  • 2003 American Heart Association Katharine A. Lembright Award for Achievements in Cardiovascular Nursing Research

  • 2003 Nell J. Watts Lifetime Achievement in Nursing Award, Sigma Theta Tau International

  • 2001 Honorary Doctoral Degree, State Univ. of New York, Downstate School of Nursing and Allied Health

  • 2000 One of 50 Pioneers of the Past, Present and Future, Johns Hopkins Magazine 50th Anniversary Issue

  • 2000 Fellow, American Heart Association Council for High Blood Pressure Research

  • 2000 Fellow, European Society of Cardiology

  • 1999 Fellow, Society of Geriatric Cardiology

  • 1999 Distinguished Research Award, International Society on Hypertension in Blacks

  • 1998 Member, Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science

  • 1998 Partners in Public Health Award, Center for Disease Control and Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

  • 1997-98 President, American Heart Association

  • 1997 Scientific Councils Distinguished Achievement Award, American Heart Association

  • 1997 American Heart Association Council of Cardiovascular Nursing New Investigator Award re-named as the Martha N. Hill New Investigator Award

  • 1997 Honorary Membership, American Association of Critical Care Nurses

  • 1997 Distinguished Alumni Award, Johns Hopkins University

  • 1996 Fellow, International Society of Hypertension in Blacks

  • 1995 Fellow, The Society for Behavioral Medicine

  • 1994 Distinguished Practitioner in Nursing, National Academies of Practice

  • 1994 Award of Merit, American Heart Association

  • 1989 Fellow, American Academy of Nursing

  • 1989 Delta Omega, The National Honorary Public Health Society

Research Projects
Barriers to High Blood Pressure Care and Control in Black South Africans: The HiHi Study
The purpose of this study is to examine psychosocial and behavioral determinants of continuous hypertension (HTN) care and blood pressure (BP) control rates, co-morbid conditions, HTN-related target organ damage, and total cardiovascular (CV) risk among peri-urban hypertensive Black South Africans.

Barriers to Hypertension Care and Control in Black South Africans
The main purpose of this revised proposal is to conduct a prevalence survey to identify the determinants of hypertension (HTN) and target organ damage in black South African men and women. These data will be used subsequently to develop and test sustainable multidisciplinary interventions to...

Nursing Doctoral Program Partnership With Peking Union Medical College
Doctoral program partnership with Peking Union Medical College School of Nursing in Beijing China. This is the first doctoral program in nursing in China. The program''s goal is to increase the number of doctorally prepared nurses in China and to develop a nationally recognized doctoral-level...

Partnership for Building the Capacity of Makerere University to Improve Health Outcomes in Uganda
The ultimate goal of this project is to improve health outcomes by building and sustaining capacity at MU to address current and evolving health priorities in Uganda and the East Africa Region through strategic partnerships with JHU and key national and international stakeholders. The faculties...

Peking Union Medical College Nursing Doctoral Program
The long-term goal of this first doctoral program for nurses in China is to prepare a cohort of nurse leaders for Chinese higher education in nursing, nurse research, and health care administration.

Selected Publications
  • Hill-Briggs, F., Renosky, R., Lazo, M., Bone, L., Hill, M.N., Levine, D., Brancati, F.L., Peyrot, M. Development and Pilot Evaluation of Literacy-Adapted Diabetes and CVD Education in Urban, Diabetic African Americans. Journal of General Internal Medicine. (2008) September: 23(9):1491-1494.

  • Peer, N., Steyn, K., Dennison, C., Levitt, N.S., Nyo, M.T., Nel, J.H., Commerford, P.J., Fourie, J.M., Hill, M.N. Determinants of Target Organ Damage in Black Hypertensive Patients Attending Primary Care in Cape town: The Hi-Hi Study. American Journal of Hypertension. (2008) August: 21(8):896-902.

  • Kim, M.T., Kim, E.Y., Han, H.R., Jeong, S., Lee, J.U., Park, H.J., Kim, K.B., Hill, M.N. Mail Education is as Effective as In-class Education in Hypertensive Korean Patients. The Journal of Clinical Hypertension. Vol. 10, (2008): 176-184

  • Bakris, G., Hill, M.N., Mancia, G., Steyn, K., Black, H.R., Pickering, T., De Geest, S., Ruilope, L., Giles, T.D., Morgan, T., Kjeldsen, S., Schiffrin, E.L., Coenen, A., Mulrow, P., Loh, A., Mensah, G. Achieving Blood Pressure Goals Globally: Five Core Actions for Health-care Professional. A Worldwide Call to Action. Journal of Human Hypertension. (2007) August 1-8.

  • Hill-Briggs, F., Batts-Turner, M., Gary, T.L., Brancati, F.L., Levine, D.M., Hill, M.N., Bone, L.R. Training Community Health Workers as Diabetes Educators for Urban African Americans: Value Added Using Participatory Methods. Progress in Community Health Partnerships. Volume 1, Issue 2, (2007) Summer.

  • Dennison, Cheryl R., Hill, M.N., Post, Wendy S., Kim, Miyong T., Bone, Lee R., Cohen, David, Blumenthal, Roger S., Rame, J. Eduardo, Roary, Mary, Levine, David, M., Underserved Urban Black Men: Hypertension Trial Outcomes and Mortality over 5 Years. American Journal of Hypertension. (In Press).

  • Robert-Baptiste Kesha, Gary, Tiffany L, Bone, Lee R., Hill, M.N., Brancati, Frederick L., Perceived body image among African Americans with type 2 diabetes. Patient Education and Counseling. 2006 February; 60 (2): 194-200.

  • Lambert, Estelle, Steyn, Krisela, Stender, Stacy, Everage, Nicholas, Fouire, Jean M., Hill, M.N., Cross-Cultural Validation of the Hill-Bone Compliance to High Blood Pressure Therapy Scale in South African, Primary Healthcare Setting. Ethnicity and Disease. Volume 16, Winter 2006, Pages 286-291.

  • Han, Hae-Ra, Kim, Miyong, Kim, Rose, Linda, Dennison, Cheryl, Bone, Lee, Hill, M.N., Effects of Stressful Life Events in Young Black Men with High Blood Pressure. Ethnicity and Disease. Volume 16, Winter 2006, Pages 64-70.

  • Hill-Briggs, F., Gary, T.L., Bone, L.R., Hill, M.N., Levine, D.M., Brancati, F.L. Medication adherence and diabetes control in urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes. Health Psychology. Vol. 24(4) July 2005. pp. 349-357.

  • Oliveria, S.A., Chen, R.S., McCarthy, B.D., Davis, C.C., Hill, M.N. Hypertension Knowledge, Awareness, and Attitudes in a Hypertension Population. Journal of General Internal Medicine. Volume 20, Issue 3, Page 219-225, Mar 2005.

  • Pickering, T.G., Hall, J.E., Appel, L.J., Falkner, B.E., Graves, J.W., Hill, M.N., Jones, D.W., Kurtz, T., Sheps, S.G., Roccella, E.J. Recommendations for Blood Pressure Measurement in Humans: An AHA Scientific statement from the Council on HBP Research Professional and Public Education Subcommittee. The Journal of Clin. Hyper. 2005 Feb; 7(2):102-109.

  • Pickering, T.G., Hall, J.E., Appel, L.J., Falkner, B.E., Graves, J.W., Hill, M.N., Jones, D.W., Kurtz, T., Sheps, S.G., Roccella, E.J. Recommendations for Blood Pressure Measurement in Humans and Experimental Animals, Part 1: Blood Pressure Measurement in Humans: A Statement for Professionals from the Subcommittee of Professional and Public Education of the AHA Council on High Blood Pressure Research. Hypertension. 2005 Jan; 45:142-161.

  • Gary, T.L., Batts-Turner, M., Bone, L.R., Yeh, H., Wang, N., Hill-Briggs, F., Levine, D.M., Powe, N.R., Hill, M.N., Saudek, C., McGuire, M., Brancati, F.L. A randomized controlled trial of nurse case manager and community health worker team interventions in urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes. Controlled Clin Trials 2004, 25(1):53-66.

  • Hill, M.N., Han, H.R., Dennison, C.R., Kim, M.T., Roary, M.C., Blumenthal, R.S., Bone, L.R., Levine, D.M., Post, W.S. Hypertension care and control in underserved urban African American men: behavioral and physiologic outcomes at 36 months. Am J Hypertens. 2003 Nov; 16(11pt 1):906-13.

  • Levine, D.M., Bone, L.R., Hill M.N., Stalligs R., Gelber A.C., Baker, A., Harris, E.C., Zeger, S.L., Felix-Aaron, K.L., Clark, J.M. For the patient. Community health workers help to reduce high blood pressure. Ethn Dis. 2003 Summer; 13(3):403.

  • Hall, P.S., Hill, M.N., Roary, M.C., Post, W.S., Blumenthal, R.S. A look at hypertension in young African-American men. Nurse Pract. 2003 Jan; 28(1):59-60.

  • Benjamin, E.J., Smith S.C. Jr, Cooper, R.S., Hill, M.N., Luepker, R.V. Task Force # 1 – Magnitude of the Prevention Problem: Opportunities and Challenges. Journal of the American College of Cardiology. . 33rd Bethesda Conference. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2002 Aug 21; 40(4):588-603.

  • Bonow, R., Clark, E.B., Curfman, G.D., Guttmacher, A., Hill, M.N., Miller, D.C., Morrison, A.R., Myerburg, R.J., Schneider, M.D., Weisfeldt, M.L., Willerson, J.T., Young, J.B.: American Heart Association. Task Force on Strategic Research Direction. Science Subgroup Task Force on Strategic Research Direction: Clinical Science Subgroup Key science topics report. Circulation. 2002 Nov 12; 106(20):e162-6.

  • Clark, J.M., Bone, L.R., Stallings, R., Gelber, A.C, Barker, A, Zeger, S., Hill, M.N., Levine, D.M. Obesity and approaches to weight in an urban African-American community. Ethn Dis. 2001 Fall; 11(4):676-86.

  • Rose, L.E., Kim, M.T., Dennison, C.R., Hill, M.N. The contexts of adherence for African Americans with high blood pressure. J Adv Nurs. 2000 Sep; 32(3):587-94.

  • Hill, M.N. Behavior and biology: the basic sciences for AHA action: presented at the 70th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, November 9, 1997, Orlando, Florida. Stroke. 1998 Mar; 29(3):739-42.

  • Gary, T.L., Bone, L.R., Hill, M.N., Levine, D.M., McGuire, M., Saudek, C.D., & Brancati, F.L. Randomized controlled trial of the effects of the nurse case manager and community health worker interventions on risk factors for diabetes-related complications in urban African Americans. Preventive Medicine. 2003 Jul; 37(1):23-32.

  • Kim, M.T., Han, H.R., Hill, M.N., Rose, L.R., Roary, M.S. (2003) Depression, substance use, adherence behaviors, and blood pressure control in urban hypertensive black men. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 51(5):309-316.

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